“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Joseph Balson

An old 6MP DSLR vs a modern 45MP DSLR when you want to print a 10x12

In 15 years, technology quite improved. I'm gonna sort of compare two hypothetical cameras with specs representing the technologies of their eras, in a very specific scenario. What are the differences between a old crop sensor 6MP and a modern full frame…


Why I gave up hi megapixel APS-C cameras for reach when shooting wildlife.

Reach on a limited budget is hard to achieve, glass prices grows exponentially, cameras with good bursts, buffer and AF are also more and more expensive. And all that hi pixels densities are ruined by physics and diffraction.


Shooting the Sony Alpha 200 (A200) in 2019: a Nikon D80 with in body stabilization.

After Sony bought the Minolta photography department, they released the A100 in mid 2006, the A700 in mid 2007, and the A200/A300/A350 in early 2008. 2 years after the Nikon D80, we find the same SONY ICX493AQA CCD sensor (wich…


Shooting the Minolta Maxxum / Dynax 7D in 2019: back to the fundamentals of photography.

The short lived most advanced Minolta DSLR was released in late 2004. It became later the foundation for Sony's A-mount cameras. It featured the first in body stabilization in a DSLR, a 6MP CCD sensor and loads of controls. This camera is a…


Old but still good: Sigma APO macro 180mm f/3.5D EX IF HSM for Nikon

This macro telephoto lens appeared in march 2001 on Sigma website, almost 20 years ago. It is a robust and well built macro lens with a minimum focusing distance of 46cm for a 1:1 ratio. I bought mine used in perfect condition, boxed with the pouch…


Macro: some useful math with diopters and lenses

I love maths, I love macro photography. Combining both of them is at the same time quite fun (to me at least) and useful.


Cheap but efficient handmade macro ring flash diffuser

I love shooting macro. But not enough to spend thousands of dollars on macro gear. So, I shoot macro mainly with a D3400, 18-55 AF-P, 70-300 AF-P and the amazingly good and cheap Raynox DCR-250 lens. When I don't forget it, I…


Lightroom Classic performances

Lately, I was more and more annoyed with bad Lightroom performances, especially in the library mode, when selecting more than 2 photos was a nightmare. Like a lot of people, I blamed my poor cheap hardware and Adobe developers...


Shooting the Nikon D200 in 2019

The D200 is a camera I always loved. At the time it came out, it was a hell of a camera for the price Nikon asked. Shooting it in 2019 is still a pleasant experience.


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