“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Joseph Balson

The Milky Way over Corsica

  • Won People's Choice in Capture the Early-Summer Milky Way Photo Challenge July, 2016. Viewbug.
The Milky Way over CorsicaWon People's Choice in Capture the Early-Summer Milky Way Photo Challenge. July, 2016. Viewbug.

That photo was taken in the center of Corsica, near some small town in the mountains.
No in-camera GPS, no notes taken, and I was probably half drunk, so I can't recall any better.
By the way, it was a nice spot...

Obviously, it was at night. According to the exifs, it was over midnight.

Exposing for the milky way AND some city lights, even if faint, sucks great.
That photo ended being a composite of two shots, one exposed for the sky, one exposed for the city lights.
I could have achieved the effect with a graduated ND filter, but I for sure didn't had one at the time.

A Nikon D200, definitely not the best for low light, long exposure and high isos... For some reason, that day I carried this camera.
Whatever. It worked not too bad in the end.
The lens was a Sanyang 8mm F/3.5 manual focus.
Do i need to mention I used a tripod and remote control?
At least it proves you don't need super mega expensive stuff to take a not too bad photo.

Mmmmm.... The nice sky and lights?

Lot of post processing on this one: denoising, enhancing the sky and the milky way, tweaking the colors a lot to get that purple tint I love, and compositing with the city lights.