“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Joseph Balson

Lost in a golden old forest

I am less and less interested in reality. My photos are less and less meant to depict that reality.
I want, I need, my photos to depict what I see, what I feel, and that is not what is commonly accepted as reality.
This old golden forest may not be old, or golden, or even a forest. And that doesn't matter.

I'm lucky to have the tools, and the knowledge needed to use these tools, to turn what is to me the cold, dull, boring reality captured on my memory cards into my own personal vision.

Yes, there is quite a lot of processing in those images, they are indeed photoshopped. I know, more and more "photoshopped" is perceived as a bad word, as cheating. Since I'm definitely cheating with reality, I'm good with that. Call me a cheater. But I don't want to deceive you. I'm not that bad kind of cheater. I only want to share what I see in my mind.

A mix of modern and old tools allow me to do that. I just enjoy shooting my old Minolta 7D despite all its flaws. I just feel connected to that camera. When I'm in the process of taking photos, that matters much more to me than pixel count or super hi dynamic range.

Turning my vision into those photos is not very difficult because I have a very clear mental image of the photo I want to share. Everything else is just technical process. Shooting in a way that will make post processing easier is the cornerstone of this process.

My vision comes most of the time in situ. I just let what I see impregnate my mind, I let my brain render its own version of reality, based on what I feel at the moment, my mood, my experiences. It's very rare that I actually go out hunting a picture I have in my mind. It's just not how I work.

Warm moss on old broken trees. Diffuse lighting and misty mood. There is not necessary any meaning, no explanation, no hidden message. It is only my golden old forest.

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