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Under the Milky Way (2017-01-11 18:51:22)

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d200. 12mm, f/3.5, 589/10s, 800iso.

While listening The Church, I was shooting those Milky Way shots in Corsica during summer 2014. 
I used the Samyang 8mm on a Nikon D200. Who said you need hi isos to shoot the Milky Way? 

Location: These photo was taken in Corsica, near the beach and near some small town in the mountains. No in-camera GPS and no notes taken, and I was probably half drunk, so I can't recall any better. By the way, these were some nice spots...

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d200. 12mm, f/3.5, 883/10s, 3200iso.

Time: Obviously, it was at night. According to the exifs, it was over midnight.

Lighting: Exposing for the milky way AND some city lights, even if faint, sucks great. One of these photos ended being a composite of two shots, one exposed for the sky, one exposed for the city lights. I could have achieved the effect with a graduated ND filter, but I for sure didn't had one at the time.

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d200. 12mm, f/3.5, 883/10s, 3200iso.

Equipment: A Nikon D200, definitely not the best for low light, long exposure and hi isos... for some reason, that day I carried this camera. Whatever. It worked not too bad in the end. The lens was a Sanyang 8mm F/3.5 manual focus. Won't mention I used a tripod and remote control... At least it proves you don't need super mega expensive stuff to take a not too bad photo.

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d700. 66mm, f/9.0, 10/600s, 200iso.

Inspiration: mmmm.... The nice sky and lights?

Editing: Lot of post processing on this one: denoising, enhancing the sky and the milky way, tweaking the colors a lot to get that purple tint I love, and compositing with the city lights.

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d200. 12mm, f/3.5, 589/10s, 3200iso.

In my camera bag: Any of my DSLR that has a charged battery, and the first lens that I can reach. I don't have a bag. Bags mean heavy stuff, too much stuff, and spending too much time worrying about that stuff; I don't really care about equipment: I just shoot what I see with what I have at that moment. When I go specifically to shoot something special, I just carry the minimum things I think will be needed...

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