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Dead Tree: Behind the lens (2017-01-12 11:32:59)

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d3. 35mm, f/22.0, 300/10s, 200iso.

Location: That photo was taken on the east coast of Corsica. A remote beach, nobody in a few miles radius. A very quiet place.

Time: Just before noon. A little wind, lot of clouds, the sea wasn't too much agitated. That was the perfect moment to play with that ND1000 B+W filter.

Lighting: The sun was sort of hidden behind some cloud. No hard shadows, quite a soft light, but still a lot of light. When thinking about it, and remembering the other photos I took that day, the light mood was kinda strange and a little scarry. Or that was me.

Equipment: Nikon D3, Nikkor 35mm, B+W ND1000 filter and some tripod. I didn't took any remote control that day so I had to work with the max 30 sec exposure. Luckily enough, F/22 at ISO-200 gave a good exposure with that ND1000 filter.

Hi-Res samsung: sm-g850f. 31mm, f/2.2, 300/10s, 200iso.

Inspiration: For some reason, that day I was carrying a tripod and ND filter. When I saw that dead tree it triggered something: I had to shoot it. The sea was quiet but I wanted even more quietness. The perfect use for the ND1000 filter.

Editing: Levels, contrasts, black and white.

In my camera bag: Any of my DSLR that has a charged battery, and the first lens that I can reach. I don't have a bag. Bags mean heavy stuff, too much stuff, and spending too much time worrying about that stuff; I don't really care about equipment: I just shoot what I see with what I have at that moment. When I go specifically to shoot something special, I just carry the minimum things I think will be needed.

Feedback: Not a difficult photo: you just need a tripod, a remote, a ND1000 filter, some water and a tree.

Two others photos taken that day:

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d3. 35mm, f/22.0, 300/10s, 200iso.

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d3. 35mm, f/22.0, 50/10s, 200iso.


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