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Corsican Fisherman (2017-01-20 11:40:21)

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d200. 12mm, f/4.5, 10/400s, 100iso.

Location: That photo was taken on some beach in Corsica. Don't really remember actually because at that time I had a tendancy to start my day with Jack.

Time: Obviously at dawn...

Lighting: Not much. Exposing for the sunrise, and using a flash to get the fisherman out of the dark.

Equipment: For what I can recall that was a Nikon D200, a Samyang 8mm and a Nikon SB 600.

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d700. 66mm, f/9.0, 10/600s, 200iso.

Inspiration: Must have been walking at dawn on that beach, mostly to shoot the sunrise, and met that guy. Had to shoot him.

Editing: not much: levels and contrasts.

In my camera bag: Any of my DSLR that has a charged battery, and the first lens that I can reach before leaving home. I don't have a bag. Bags mean heavy stuff, too much stuff, and spending too much time worrying about that stuff; I don't really care about equipment: I just shoot what I see with what I have at that moment. When I (rarely) go specifically to shoot something special, I just carry the minimum things I think will be needed.

Feedback: I don't exactly get why anyone woukld want to shoot something similar, but to get the same kind of photo you just need any dslr, a fisheye lens, a flash, a beach at dawn and a fisherman. Nothing complicated.

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