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The mini waterfall at Andrew Haydon Park (2017-01-21 16:27:22)

Hi-Res nikon corporation: nikon d7000. 33mm, f/25.0, 8/1s, 100iso.

Location:  That photo was taken at Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa. It's a small man made waterfall surrounded by trees. Actually it's really pretty especially at dusk. That day the place was deserted, and I improvised a long exposure using rocks and trees as tripod.

Time:  mmmm... at dusk?

Lighting:  Not really... I was lucky, the sun position was just perfect and the light beautiful.

Equipment:  That day I only carried a D7000 with a Nikkor 18-105 lens... No tripod, no remote and no ND filter. I had to use what was available: smallest aperture available (F/25), longest exposure possible while using trees and rocks as tripods (more or less 8sec), and quiet mode to avoid any unwanted vibration.

Inspiration:  I'm rarely "inspired" to take a photo in the sense that I don't plan. I just carry a camera, and when I see something that catches my eye, I shoot it.

Editing:  Basic DXO treatment: levels, contrasts. For the records, the lens flare is totally natural. Lucky me.

In my camera bag:  Any of my DSLR that has a charged battery, and the first lens that I can reach before leaving home. I don't have a bag. Bags mean heavy stuff, too much stuff, and spending too much time worrying about that stuff; I don't really care about equipment: I just shoot what I see with what I have at that moment. When I (rarely) go specifically to shoot something special, I just carry the minimum things I think will be needed.

Feedback:  Always carry a camera, open your eyes...

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The mini waterfall at Andrew Haydon Park