Best friends

  2. NIKON D700
  3. 20-20 mm F2.8-F2.8
  4. f/10
  5. 1/1250 sec
  6. 20mm
  7. ISO 200

Won Contest Finalist in Special Moments Photo Contest on Viewbug, February, 2019

Won Featured on Viewbug, April, 2017

Won photo of the day, Black & White, Day of 7/19/17, Pixoto.

Finalist #2 in You and your pet photo challenge, May 2018, Pixoto.

Finalist #3 in the Photocrowd "Dogs do maek best friends" photo contest, June 2018.

animal  backlight  beach  black and white  corsica  dog  dramatic  europe  family  geography  hope  horizon  joseph  landscape  low key  mammals  man  nature  nature elements  people  places  portrait  sea  silhouette  style  sunset - sunrise  water

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