“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Joseph Balson

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Photos taken with a smartphone

Trapped in a Nightmare

This photo shot in 2017 was featured in Viewbug on April, 2018. It won Top Shot Award in February, 2019.



No hesitation, this is my favorite self portrait. Won Contest Finalist in Black and White Portraits Photo Contest. May, 2017. Viewbug. Won People's Choice in Black and White Portraits Photo Challenge. December, 2016. Viewbug. Won Contest Finalist in…


Bitter, angry, sad, lost.

Won Peer Choice Award. November, 2017. Viewbug. Winner in Black and white portrait Photo Challenge. May, 2017. Viewbug. Pixoto Members voted Joseph Balson’s image as #1 in the Selfie Portrait style only challenge Sponsored by Cheryl Beaudoin.


Dangerous Sky

Won Featured. September, 2016. Viewbug. Won Contest Finalist in Celebrating The Sky Photo Contest, May, 2016. Viewbug. Top Photo Winner in Into the sky photo contest. December 2017. Gurushots. Won 1st place in Photocrowd contest "Beauty of Clouds"


Dead Tree

Won Featured. October, 2016. Viewbug. Won Contest Finalist in 500 Driftwoods Photo Contest. June, 2016. Viewbug.


Cascade at Andrew Haydon park

Winner in Waterfalls Photo Challenge. July, 2016. Viewbug.


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