“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

I am an autistic photographer, musician, composer, battling depression for ages; what actually now feels like all my life.

Locked up inside myself.

Sometimes, it comes through my eyes.

Sometimes, I shoot it.

Cleaning Resistant Sensor Dust

Sometimes, conventional sensor cleaning is just not enough, especially on older cameras that have mostly never been cleaned or don't have the piezzo anti dust thing.

One Tree 6 Photos

One tree, 6 photos over 3 years.

The last SLT APSC DSLR: Sony ILC A77m2

The last Sony APSC camera with a semi translucent mirror from 2015.

The A Mount Family

Too bad the A700 died after a fall...

250 bucks camera of the month: Sony a77

The best camera I could buy last week for 250 bucks. 10 years old? who cares?

Full Spectrum Samsung WB35F

After the Pentax X90, I converted another cheap camera. The image quality is basically the same (super small sensor), but that little Samsung WB35F is much more practical: it's super small and fits in a pocket even with the IR filter on.

Home Made Gps For Nikon

With spare parts I made a GPS for my Nikon cameras.

Full Spectrum Comparison

Here is a comparison of color balanced photos: normal color, full spectrum, full spectrum + fdl filter and full spectrum + IR 720nm filter.

One possible infrared post processing

This is on possible post processing for an infrared photo, especially dealing with color blotching after channel swap and saturation/vibrance adjustements.

For fun: full spectrum Pentax x90 with infrared filter

I was cleaning, looking at old stuff and I found an old 49mm 720nm IR filter. I must have been using that on some Minolta lens when film was still a thing. I also found a Pentax X90 bridge camera catching dust...