Better Film Scanning With A Cheap Flatbed Scanner

I don't really plan to invest lot of money in shooting film. Therefore, I have to make do with a cheap 50 bucks Epson Perfection V330. And unlike its name suggests, it's far from perfect.

Nikon N50 F50

Here is a Nikon N50 / F50. Very good looking and in perfect working order, with a 35-80 and a few rolls of Kodak Ultramax.

A Pristine And Inexpensive Sony Dslr Alpha 700 A700

Received a very good looking Sony A700 for the price of a Nikon small battery.

ACR super resolution: print test

This will be a temporary conclusion to my non scientific fast and dirty Adobe camera raw super resolution VS Topaz Gigapixel AI.

ACR super resolution: another test

This is a quick update on my previous post. As before I let Gigapixel decide the best settings , and did not adjust anything in camera raw.

Adobe Super Resolution In Camera Raw

So I updated Camera Raw, and gave their new super resolution thing a try on some photos. Doubling the resolution of a photo is sometimes absolutely necessary. I will compare it here with Topaz Gigapixel with auto detect settings ON.

Fireflies dreams: new album coming

I finished recording a new album: Fireflies dreams. Mixing and mastering are in progress. Here is a first excerpt.

Farewell koken: finding a replacement /alternative

After another server update, koken, the photography oriented CMS I used on my website, was definitely broken and couldn't be saved.