Brand New Canon AF35ML Film Compact

Just received that pretty early 80's compact 35mm from Canon. It is just a very simple point and shoot that was quite succesfull at the time, an evolution of the 35M with the fastest lens on a compact: F/1.9

The 40mm F/1.9 lens (5 elements in 5 groups, quite similar to the Schneider Xenotar) is what makes this compact different. There is even a 48mm filter thread.

The AF is very basic, based on parallaxe in two CCD sensors, and is as reliable as any AF was on the compacts of that era.
The electromagnetic shutter goes from 1/4 to 1/400sec and serves as diaphragme blades.
The exposure is fully automatic, average, and uses a small sensor under the front lens.
ASA is manually set from 25 to 400.
Loading is automatic, film advance and rewind is motorized and noisy.
It is worth nothing a super anoying loud beeeeeeeeep when the camera thinks there is a risk of handshake.... can't disconnect it.
The built-in flash has a number-guide of 11 with a 7seconds recycling time. Sync is 1/45sec.
There is also a timer.

Definitely nothing fancy, but I like it, it's pretty.
Gonna have to load it and try it in the real world.