One possible infrared post processing

This is on possible post processing for an infrared photo, especially dealing with color blotching after channel swap and saturation/vibrance adjustements.

When processing false color infrared photos, I found quickly there was an obvious issue with blotches of colors after channels swap and saturation/vibrance adjustements.

It can be easily fixed.

This is the jpeg straight out of the Pentax X90, with color balance done in camera.
I import it in Lightroom, and from there I edit in as a tiff in Rawtherapee.

It's easier and faster to do the fine white balance and channel swap in Rawtherapee.
You can notice some severe blotching in the sky.

The deblotching is really easy and straightforward.
I use the noise reduction, but only for thr chroma blotches. The luminance is too far behind Topaz to be of any use.
color space: LAB, mode conservative.
Luminance: slider, 0 luminance setting.
Chrominance manual, master 15
Median filter: chroma only, median type 9x9, 3 iterations.

The rest of the editing is basic.

I export back in Lightroom and do the adjustements I like.

The final touch is done in Photoshop: I create a new layer, denoise with Topaz, and mix with the original layer to taste with a mask.