For fun: full spectrum Pentax x90 with infrared filter

I was cleaning, looking at old stuff and I found an old 49mm 720nm IR filter. I must have been using that on some Minolta lens when film was still a thing. I also found a Pentax X90 bridge camera catching dust...

One hour later, the X90 was disassembled, the sensor filter taken out, and then it was reassembled.
J! That thing definitely wasn't engineered for maintenance... Seriously soldering the mainboard directly to the battery pins?

I now have a full spectrum bridge camera to play with, and with that 720nm IR filter, It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I took a couple photos just to check if it’s working properly: it IS working.

I’m now permanently gluing a 40.5 to 49mm step up ring, and it will be good to go shooting, as soon as there is some sun.