Photo essays

Work in progress: Monsters in the Woods

I started working on a new series: Monsters I encountered in the woods.


Nightmares photo series

The dark times never end. This is a dark photo series.



There is something fascinating with the sun light going trough leaves.


Night Walk

Insomnia, boredom, loaded battery, unusual warm weather and the certainty of being totally alone during a stupid pandemic: that can only end in a night walk shooting stuff.


Colors Of A Ghost Town: shooting the Samsung WB210 in 2021 part 2

It is hard for me to imagine people are actually living here. All I see is a desolated dirty hell hole. I don't see people, I don't see traffic, I don't even see a fucking stray cat or a bird. There is silence, there is no life, there are rotten derelict things. It is a ghost town.


A Lonely Walk In A Dead Town: shooting the Samsung WB210 in 2021 part 1

Confinement or no confinement? A dead city is a dead city. Walking here is like walking in a graveyard, tough without the feeling of being in a sacred place.


Lost In A White Old Forest

Sometimes, a forest is just a forest. Sometimes, it is much more. Or something completely different. With climate change, snow where I am right now became pretty rare. As soon as I saw the first snowflakes falling from the sky, I got ready for some cold adventure.



I love heat. I'm never more happy than when temperature is 100. I love the sun, the sensation of heat on my skin. Maybe I should live permanently in a place like Death Valley. It's pretty boring from a photographer point of view, but at least climate is just right for me.


Lost In A Golden Old Forest

I am less and less interested in reality. My photos are less and less meant to depict that reality. I want, I need, my photos to depict what I see, what I feel, and that is not what is commonly accepted as reality. This old golden forest may not be old, or golden, or even a forest. And that doesn't matter.


Lost In A Cursed Old Forest

My old forest is not only golden. It is also cursed. New emotions and feelings just a couple feet away from the golden spots. Same place, different visions.


Emulating Kodak Tri X Pushed To 3200 ISO In Camera With The Nikon D2Xs

The T-max 3200 was one of my favorite film, but the TRi-X 400 always was my absolute favorite: I could shoot it from 400 to 3200 (and sometimes more) and always loved the rendering and grain quality.


An Aimless Walk A Sunday Morning

Goethe said "The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone". I walked alone, in the hope of finding, if not beauty, something that would catch my eye.


Old 6MP Vs Modern 45MP DSLR For 10x12 Prints

In 15 years, technology quite improved. I'm gonna sort of compare two hypothetical cameras with specs representing the technologies of their eras, in a very specific scenario. What are the differences between a old crop sensor 6MP and a modern full frame 45MP DSLR when printing a 10x12?